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ISO 9001 and 17025 Certified

About Us

Founded in 1991 and located in Ontario, California, USA, Vanguard InstrumentsTM offers a wide range of diagnostic test equipment that accurately and efficiently measures the health of critical substation equipment, such as transformers, circuit breakers, and protective relays.

Our first product was a computerized, extra high voltage (EHV) circuit breaker analyzer, which became the forerunner of an entire line of EHV circuit breaker test equipment. Over the years, our portfolio has grown tremendously to include microcomputer-based precision micro-ohmmeters; single- and three-phase transformer winding turns-ratio testers; transformer winding-resistance meters; mega-ohm resistance meters; and a variety of other application-specific products.

Our instruments are rugged, reliable, accurate, and user friendly. They eliminate tedious and time-consuming operations, while providing fast, complex test-result calculations. Using our equipment helps reduce errors and eliminates the need to memorize long sequences of procedural steps. 

In 2017, Vanguard Instruments became a part of Doble Engineering Company, an energy industry leader in hardware, software, and services that diagnose and monitor the health of critical assets.

Management Team

Alex Salinas
Vanguard Director of Operations
  Tim Nguyen
Operations Manager
Arturo Carcido
Test and Repairs Manager
  James Lucas
Tamim Azizadah
IT Manager
  Lucy Aguilera

Department Contacts

Sales Orders

Janelle Levers
PH: 909-923-9390 X3503

Technical Support

Arturo Carcido
PH: 909-923-9390 X3517

Customer Service/RMA's

Lucy Aguilera
PH: 909-923-9390 X3515

Organizational Chart

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