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ISO 9001 and 17025 Certified

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  • Automatic testing
  • 10 kV - 75 kV DC output in 5 kV steps
  • Selectable test time duration from 5 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Digital voltage and current display
  • Failure indicator LED
  • Very lightweight (10 lbs./4.53 Kg)
  • Perform Saturation, Ratio and Polarity Tests
  • Perform CT Winding Resistance Test
  • Fully Automated
  • Test record header information including company, substation name, circuit ID, manufacturer, CT serial number, operator name, and test record-comments
  • Plot Multiple Saturation Curves
  • Store 1,000 Records (Each test record may contain up to 10 sets of excitation, resistance, and ratio data)
  • USB and Bluetooth computer interface
  • USB Flash drive interface
  • Furnished with full set of test leads
  • Ratio Range: 0.8 - 50,000 to 1
  • Capable of detecting 130 different 3-phase transformer types defined by ANSI, IEC, and Australian standards
  • 3 test voltages: 4Vac, 40Vac, and 100Vac
  • Phase angle and excitation current measurement
  • USB PC interfaces
  • 4.5-inch wide thermal printer (optional)
  • Field performance verification of all electronic turns ratio testers
  • Up to 250 Vac excitation voltage
  • Up to 12,000:1 turns ratio
The CB PWS' output rating is listed below:
120 Vac Input:
  • 120Vdc @ 15A, 10 second duration max ( 5% regulation) or 120Vdc@ 4A continuous (3% regulation)
  • 240Vdc @ 7.5A, 10 second duration max (5% regulation)or 240Vdc @ 2A continuous (3% regulation)
240 Vac Input:
  • 120Vdc @ 20A, 10 second duration max ( 5% regulation) or 120Vdc@ 4A continuous (3% regulation)
  • 240Vdc @ 10A, 10 second duration max (5% regulation)or 240Vdc @ 2A continuous (3% regulation).
DC output is enabled via the power control switch on the front panel. LED indicators show the "Output On", "Output Fault", and "Power Input Available" status on the front panel. 
The CB PWS offers several outstanding features:
  • very lightweight (14 lbs. / 6.4 Kg)
  • thermal and short circuit protected output
  • output dc voltage source is isolated from the power input
  • wide ac voltage input range (120 Vac to 240 Vac)
The CB PWS is housed in a heavy-duty, impact-resistant plastic enclosure and furnished with a power cord, ground cable, and DC power test leads.

The Vanguard Turns Ratio Calibration Standard features three decade rotary switches (unit, 10th, and 100th) for selecting the turns ratio. A multiplier switch provides  1, 10, 100, 200, 1000, and 3000 multiplier values.

The unit uses a nickel-iron supper-alloy core toroidal transformer to ensure a very low excitation in order to achieve high turns ratio accuracy. Up to 250Vac test voltage can be used with the Vanguard Turns Ratio Calibration Standard. The high excitation test voltage allows the unit to be used with virtually all turns ratio testers on the market.
A turns ratio calibration certificate is provided with each Turns Ratio Calibration Standard.
  • High capacity Li-Ion batteries (perform up to 2,900 tests per charge (@ 10A/2 sec)
  • Built-in charger and line-power for continuous operation
  • Transformer winding resistance test mode
  • Contact resistance test mode
  • Protected to 600V
  • Lightweight (7.8 lbs. / 3.54 Kg)
  • Auto discharge circuit for operator safety
  • Auto current ranging from 10 mA to 10 A
  • Digital resistance reading from 1 micro-ohm to 2,000 ohms
  • Stores 100 records (up to 64 readings each)
  • Built in 2.5" wide thermal printer
  • Weighs less than 28 lbs.