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ISO 9001 and 17025 Certified



Current Transformer Test Set

9009-UC [110V]
9035-UC [220V]
This product is no longer in production.
  • Performs CT excitation, current-ratio, polarity, and phase angle tests
  • Measures insulation resistance and winding resistance of the CT seconday windings
  • Measures the CT's secondary burden
  • Test record header information including company, substation name, circuit ID, manufacturer, CT serial number, operator name, and test record-comments
  • Built-in 4.5-inch wide thermal printer
  • Plot Multiple Saturation Curves
  • Stores up to 128 CT test plans
  • RS-232C, USB, USB Flash drive interface





Technical Specifications

TYPE Portable current-transformer test set
PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS 19”W X 13”H x 15.8” D (48.3 cm x 33.0 cm x 40.1 cm); Weight: 73 lbs (33.1 kg)
INPUT POWER 100 – 120 Vac or 200 – 240 Vac (factory pre-set), 50/60 Hz
 TEST OUTPUT VOLTAGES 0 – 50 Vac @ 10A max; 0 – 300 Vac @ 10A max; 0 – 500 Vac @ 5A max; 0 – 1200 Vac @ 1.2A max; 0 – 2000 Vac @ 1A max
CURRENT SOURCE 1 – 20A @ 0 – 15 Vac
CURRENT SOURCE DISPLAY Test current and current on-time
VOLTAGE READING RANGE 0 – 2,200 Vac; Accuracy: ±1.0% of reading, ±1 V
CURRENT READING RANGE 0 – 10A; Accuracy: ±1.0% of reading, ±0.02A
CT CURRENT RATIO RANGE 0.8 – 999: 0.1%; 1000 – 1999: 0.3%; 2,000 – 5,000: 1%
PHASE ANGLE MEASUREMENT 0 – 360 degrees; Accuracy: ± 1.0 degree)
RESISTANCE READING RANGE 100 micro-ohms – 10 ohms; Accuracy: 2% of reading, ± 1 count
INSULATION RESISTANCE READING RANGE 2 Mega-ohms – 500 Mega-ohms; Accuracy: 3% of reading, 500 – 1000 Vdc test voltage
DISPLAY Back-lit LCD Screen
240 x 128 dot graphic; 114mm x 64mm
Viewable in bright sunlight and low-light levels
PRINTER Built-in 4.5-inch wide thermal printer
COMPUTER INTERFACES One RS-232C (115,000 Baud) port, One USB port
EXTERNAL DATA STORAGE One USB Flash drive interface port
PC SOFTWARE Windows® XP/Vista-based CT Analysis software is included with the purchase price
INTERNAL TEST RECORD STORAGE Stores 140 test records. Each test record may contain up to 10 saturation curves, current-ratio readings, and polarity and DC resistance readings
INTERNAL TEST PLAN STORAGE Stores 128 test plans. A test plan consists of the saturation test voltage, current selection, CT nameplate ratios, and CT winding terminal combinations (X1 to X5) for each test
SAFETY Designed to meet UL 6110A-1 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1-92 standards
ENVIRONMENT Operating: -10°C to 50°C (15°F to +122°F); Storage: -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to +158°F)
CABLES Five 20-foot X cable sets, One 35-foot H cable set, current source cables, insulation test cables, power cord, ground cable. A transportation case is included with the purchase price.
WARRANTY One year on parts and labor
Specifications are valid at nominal voltage and ambient temperature of +25˚C (+77˚F).
Last updated on March 16, 2009

Field Pictures

EZCT-2000B at Al Hemaya Elect. Construction LLC, Dubai