Circuit Breaker Coil Tester

9063-UC [CBCT Unit and Cables]

The CBCT is a variable voltage DC power supply designed specifically to test substation circuit-breaker Open and Close coils. The CBCT uses the substation’s DC power supply to electronically generate a programmable output voltage from 5% to 95% of the source voltage. The CBCT can maintain up to an 80A test current while maintaining 2% or better voltage regulation during the circuit breaker coil operation.

  • One continuous and one pulse DC output
  • Back-lit LCD screen (20 characters by 4 lines)
  • Output voltage programmable from 5% to 95% of the input voltage
  • Built-in, single channel timer


Technical Specifications

TYPE Programmable DC Power Supply
PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS 19”W x 7”H x 15”D, (48 cm x 17 cm x 38 cm); Weight: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
INPUT VOLTAGE 20 – 300 Vdc, 20A fuse
OUTPUT VOLTAGE 5% – 95% of input voltage with 2% regulation at max current (up to 80A)
OUTPUT VOLTAGE CHANNELS One continuous and one pulse DC output
OUTPUT VOLTAGE PROTECTION Shutdown if current exceeds 80A or if current drawing time exceeds 500 ms @ 80A
VOLT METER RANGE Input/output meters, 0 – 300 Vdc; Accuracy: 1% of reading, ±0.2V
TIMER DISPLAY RANGE 0.0000 – 999.999 seconds; Accuracy: 0.01%, ±0.5 ms
TIMER START INPUT Internal (coil initiation), wet-contact input (20 – 240 Vac/dc), or dry-contact input (1 – 200 ohms)
TIMER STOP INPUT Wet-contact (20 – 240 Vac/dc) or dry-contact (1 – 200 ohms)
DISPLAY Back-lit LCD screen (20 characters by 4 lines); viewable in both bright sunlight and low-light levels
SAFETY Designed to meet UL 6101A-1 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No 1010.1-92 standards
ENVIRONMENT Operating: -10°C to 50°C (+15°F to +122°F); Storage: -30°C to70°C (-22°F to +158°F)
CABLES Two 6-foot (#8 AWG) DC cable sets, Two 10-foot timer cable sets, One ground cable, one cable bag
OPTIONS Transportation case
WARRANTY One year on parts and labor
Specifications are valid at nominal voltage and ambient temperature of +25˚C (+77˚F).
Last updated on March 13, 2009