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ISO 9001 and 17025 Certified


Auto-Ohm 10

Low Resistance Micro-Ohmmeter

The Vanguard Auto-Ohm 10 is a 10-ampere battery powered micro-ohmmeter designed for low-resistance-measuring applications such as the measurement of resistance in circuit breaker contacts, bushing contact joints, and welding joints. The unit is powered by four 3400mAh, 3.7Vdc Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. With these high capacity batteries, up to 2,900 tests per charge (10A/2 second duration) can be performed in the field. The Auto-Ohm 10 features a built-in charger that can charge the batteries when the unit is not in use.
The Auto-Ohm 10 features a rotary knob that is used to select either the “Contact Resistance” or “Transformer Resistance” test mode. The unit's backlit LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels) is viewable in both direct sunlight and low light level. Resistance readings are displayed on the LCD screen in micro-ohms, milliohms, or ohms.
  • High capacity Li-Ion batteries (perform up to 2,900 tests per charge (@ 10A/2 sec)
  • Built-in charger and line-power for continuous operation
  • Transformer winding resistance test mode
  • Contact resistance test mode
  • Protected to 600V
  • Lightweight (7.8 lbs. / 3.54 Kg)

Auto-Ohm 10

Technical Specifications

TYPE Low Resistance Micro-Ohmmeter
PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 14”W x 8”H x 12” D (36 cm x 19.4 cm x 30.4 cm)
Weight: 7.8 lbs. (3.54 Kg)
INPUT POWER 100 – 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Test Current Display
Resolution Accuracy
10A 000.0 999.9 μΩ 0.1μΩ ±0.2%±0.2μΩ
  1.0000 9.9999 0.1μΩ ±0.2%±0.2μΩ
  10.000 99.999 1μΩ ±0.2%±2μΩ
  100.00 250.00 10μΩ ±0.2%±20μΩ
5A 000.0 999.9 μΩ 0.1μΩ ±0.2%±0.4μΩ
  1.0000 9.9999 0.1μΩ ±0.2%±0.4μΩ
  10.000 99.999 1μΩ ±0.2%±4μΩ
  100.00 999.99 10μΩ ±0.2%±40μΩ
1A 00.000 99.999 1μΩ ±0.2%±2μΩ
  100.00 999.99 10μΩ ±0.2%±20μΩ
  1,000.0 5,000.0 100μΩ ±0.2%±200μΩ
100mA 000.0 999.9 10μΩ ±0.2%±20μΩ
  1,000.0 9,999.9 100μΩ ±0.2%±200μΩ
  10,000 50,000 1mΩ ±0.2%±2mΩ
10mA 000.0 9.9999 Ω 100μΩ ±0.2%±200μΩ
  10.000 99.999 Ω 1mΩ ±0.2%±2mΩ
  100.00 500.00 Ω 10mΩ ±0.2%±20mΩ
1mA 00.000 99.999 Ω 1mΩ ±0.2%±2mΩ
  100.00 999.99 Ω 10mΩ ±0.2%±20mΩ
  1,000.0 5,000.0 Ω 100mΩ ±0.2%±200mΩ

NOTE: stated accuracy for bi-directional current mode

BATTERIES Rechargeable Li-Ion, 3.7Vdc, 3400 mAh, protected (Qty=4)
Charge time: 4 hours
AUTO POWER DOWN Programmable: 30 sec, 1 min, 3 min
Backlit LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels); viewable in bright sunlight and low-light
TEMPERATURE Operating: -10°C to +50°C (+15°F to +122°F)
Storage: -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F)
HUMIDITY 90% RH @ 40°C (104°F) non-condensing
2,000 m (6,562 ft) to full safety specifications
SAFETY Designed to meet IEC 61010 (1995), UL 61010-a, and CSA-C22.2 standards
CABLES 15 ft (4.57 m) cable set with alligator clamps, power cable, cable bag
OPTIONS 30 ft (9.14 m) cable set, 10 ft (3m) hand probe (5A), 10 ft (3m) hand probe (10A), pistol grip probe (10A), shipping case
WARRANTY One year on parts and labor
Specifications are valid at nominal voltage and ambient temperature of +25˚C (+77˚F).